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Summer 2017


July 2017 Update

Summer 2017 is here in full force! The Tuesday/Thursday rides have ramped up this month to 40+ miles each night through July 13th. A hardy congratulations to all those who braved the annual Mid-Summer Half Century Scorcher and survived! The fast and hilly 50 miles was a challenge even for the strongest in the pack. Due to the popularity of the ride, look for its return on June 21, 2018.

As announced for the last week or so, here are the details on the Seven County Century ride. It will be held on Saturday, July 22nd, leaving from the Lewisville town square at 7:00 am. We will head out to the first stop (mile 32.9) at the Shiloh General Store (the Bakery) via a route that will touch (1)Forsyth, (2)Yakin, (3)Davie & (4)Iredell counties. Following the first stop we will continue west a short distance and cross into (5)Wilkes county, before heading north and east towards our second stop (mile 65.7) at the Rockford General Store (candy store). The final push towards the century mark will take us through (6)Surry and finally a sliver of (7)Stokes county before returning to Forsyth county near Donnaha.

This ride will not be a race. It may very well be a few riders first century ride and we want to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for all. While only two evenly place stops are expected at this time, this may change depending on ride day conditions. The full route can been viewed/downloaded here:

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Upcoming Club Rides:
6/29 - LYRMC 46 mi
7/4 - Circumnavigate Pilot (56 mi) - This ride leaves at 8:00 am, there will not be an evening ride.
7/6 - Brandon Fish (43 mi)
7/22 - Seven County Century (Saturday, 7:00 am)

Also please consider supporting one or more of the upcoming charity rides being held in the area.
Hot Doggett - July 8th (Mars Hill, NC)
Operation Red Sleigh - July 15th (Asheboro, NC)
Blue Ridge Brutal - August 12th (West Jefferson, NC)

Jordan Brown
PFBC President 


Thank you to JA KING for their continued support of our Bike for Kids program.

Many thanks to John King and the employees of J.A. King for their generous donation to our Bikes for Kids campaign.  John presented a check to Travis in January for over $2,500 to go to this great cause.

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Quick refresher of our road rules.

These rides are on open roads and all traffic rules must be obeyed. Helmets are required.

1. We depart Belnette Drive in groups of 8 to 10, single file to a regrouping site. Single file paceline allows motorist to pass safely. Keep gaps so cars can safely pass. 

2. From the regrouping site,  A group first, followed by the B and C groupsPlease respect the intended average speed of each group and ride with the group that best matches your ability and needs. Please go with a faster group if you want a faster ride.
  • The A group will typically average 23+ mph and may include high speed segments, attacks, and rapid paceline rotation. 
  • B group will generally average 21-22 mph and rides in a double paceline formation when more than 10 riders are present. 
  • C group will generally average 17-19 mph and normally rides in a double paceline formation when more than 10 riders are present. 

3. Do not let stop signs or intersections become break points. Allow the entire group to get through 
the intersection and back together before resuming speed. 

4. We have a sprint line. When coming back on Courtney-Huntsville-Shallowford routes. After 
the 421 bridge and go up the slight hill, at the top of the hill is a yellow turn ahead caution sign.
  • The sprint zone is an opportunity to practice sprinting with other cyclists; it is not intended to turn the entire ride into a race.
  • Typically in a training sprint, cyclists fan out and there may be several abreast the road – DO NOT CROSS THE YELLOW LINE OR BE SO INCONSIDERATE AS TO FORCE OTHER CYCLISTS OFF THE ROAD! 
5. SAFETY ZONE - From Hauser Road back to the square please ride single file in small groups as  motorist traffic picks up significantly as we return into Lewisville. 

PLEASE FOR YOUR SAFETY and those around you, adhere to these rules of the road. 

A final few thoughts:
  • These are training rides.  Don’t expect the group to stop for you if you have a flat or a mechanical problem.  
  • Be self-sufficient.  Carry a spare tube, an inflation device and a cell phone. 
  • While we do not intend to leave others behind, it is suggested that all riders review the posted routes online ahead of time.
  • If you are new to the ride, introduce yourself to some of the riders, find the leader of your speed group, and ask him or her any questions you may have.
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